LTR-52246S Busted?

/methinks my lt-52246S is busted

cannot burn above 4x
cannot read above 4x

a search on google bring up this for anyone wanting to read a detailed discussion

Why were you asking for an EEPROM before?

DMA enabled?

yes, dma enabled

I thought a new eeprom might fix the problem, it didnt

It’s not really a good idea for the end-user to be messing with EEPROM.

why, what am I going to do, break it? :roll:

besides, Im getting the 411s soon enough

Clicking huh? Try cleaning out the potato chip crumbs you dropped in it when you were drunk the other night. :smiley:

tried that, took the unit apart, thus voiding my warantee, no loose parts moving around in there, everything seems intact