Ltr-52246 & ltr-52246s difference?

Hello guys.

Whats the difference between the ltr-52246 and the 52246s?
Is the “s” a big deal for upgrading purposes in the future.
In other words can they both be tweaked?
pls help im about to buy.
Help me choose


You’re talking about the same drive, LTR-52246S. There is no drive without the S.

Ok it that ive seen it at some sites with an without the s . Even at the same sites.:bigsmile:

If you look at the official Lite-On site, the model number is LTR-52246S. Reason why you see models w/ and w/o S is probably a method dealers use to differentiate between OEM (w/o S) and Retail (w/ S) Lite-On 52X CDRW.