Hi all,
My friend got from ebay an anonimous liteon 48-24-48 drive… when i went to see it i found both on the drive label and device manager “LiteON LTR-48247S”
i think it’s one of the very rare downgraded liteon 7S cdrw… i red something here some mothes ago about these slower 7S series drives…
Finally could i resist from try to OC it? :stuck_out_tongue:
Backuped eeprom, firmware with ltnflash and flashed it to QS0E…
1st test: 52X cd reading OK
2nd test: 700mb data @ 52X write on crap cd-r OK, burn time ~2:32
Works :slight_smile:

I have a copy of the PPB1 original firmware if some collector wants it…

Please can you burn a disc at 52x with the best CD-R disc you have, then scan it with Nero CD/DVD speed for the quality, then post the results, it may work at 52x, but it may be a very poor burn, so even if it works in your computers drives, it may not work in older/less tolerant drives.

Many thanks,

Ben :slight_smile:

Yeah, there should be no problems with the upgrade.

LITE-ON LTR-48247S PPB1 May05 ,2003

would like your back up copy if possible. thanks