LTR-48246S to LTR-52246S

Is there a speed diffrence when flashing the LTR-48246S to LTR-52246S . Is it worth it? I have the LTR-48246S and using two diffrent media CDs, Fuji and TDk at 48X, my drive will only go up to 31X using the nero speed cd. What should I do?

Youll only save about 15 seconds at most over 48x if you upgrade your writer to 52 speed. Also are you sure that isnt hte Average when you say it only reaches 31x time in Nero CD speed and if not maybe those discs you are using arent mean to be burnt at high speeds. You could always check for a firmware update, the VS08 firmware for the 48125W allowed must cheap and crappy discs to be written at full speed. Maybe the firmware update for the LTR-48246S will have the same effects.