LTR-48246S cd speed burn problem?

I got the above model yesterday. When I try to burn a FujiFilm TY cd, it can only burn at 16x max, even though it can burn a blank cd that came w/ the box at 40x. My old Sanyo 24x10x40 cd-rw can burn the same TY cd at 24x. The 48x24x48 burned a cd-rw at 12x, while old burner burns at 10x (max). Both burners use different versions of NERO. ??? Thanks.

I flashed the new firmware, SS08. The TY cd still can only be read as 16x, but the blank cd can now be read as 48X (40x - w/ old SS02 firmware).

Are you by chance using 16x (old) media?
What does the (disc) package say?
Do a quality check on the one you burned with your other burner at 24x and see if it finds any C2 errors.

SmartBurn is probably the reason why you can’t write it >16x since the disc would be trash then :slight_smile:
On the other hand if no C2 errors are detected try turning SmartBurn off and write at whatever speed you want (not recomended but possible).

The TY cd was bough in September, 2001. Probably 16x. The 24x10x40 burner has Burn Proof Protection.

SmartBurn is not BurnProof. Smartburn limits the speeds you can write at. You can turn off Smartburn’s limits, but you can never disable the buffer underrun system.

As my grandpappy used to say: You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
If you want to burn at 48x, get some 48x TY media.
The older TY will work very well at 16x or even 24x in many drives.

I just ran Nero CD Speed on 1 of my burned FujiFilm TY cd, and it almost hit 48x. But when I ran a blank 1 from the same spindle, 16x is it, like when I try to burn 1 of the blank TY cd. Weird. I have Nero w/ my new 48286S Lite-On burner. Is Nero newer than Also, I am using win98se. In options, I have Disconnect, Auto insert notification, & DMA checked. What about sync data transfer? Thanks.

Your drive sets the 16x speed limit because of the ATIP that is written on the disc.

The latest Nero version is

Synch data transfer is a SCSI setting and is used only for SCSI drives that support this protocol. Turn it off.