? Ltr-48126S?

Anybody seen one of these? How are they supposed to stack up against the 48125W?

From LiteOn:


ü 48X (CAV) Record, 12X (CLV) Re-Write & 48X (CAV) Read technology.

ü E-IDE Interface, support up to Ultra-DMA mode 2.

ü Innovated SMART-BURN® technology to automatically check media quality and set limit to burning speed to ensure successful writing sessions & data retainability (can be turned off)

ü Buffer underrun error free & automatically adjust writing strategy plus running OPC to meet various burning condition. (always active)

ü Innovated SMART-X technology, support up to 48X speed Digital Audio Extration (DAE) and high speed VCD data extraction

ü Supporting Plug & Play ; Emergency manual eject.

ü Supporting Fixed & Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, Raw Mode, Over-Burn.

ü Read/Write CD, CD-R, CD-RW Disc up to 99min. (Orange Book Part 2,3)

ü Easy-Tray® design for both horizontally & vertically use

ü Gear-Driven tray disc-loading mechaniasm to Improve reliability & life, no any belt-loose belt-broken issue.

ü VAS® Vibration Absorber System Mechanisam to reduce vibration & noise during read & write

ü Use Flash ROM supports internet firmware upgrade.


l Speed :
Recording 48Xmax CAV
Re-writing 12X High-Speed CLV
Reading 48Xmax CAV

l Interface : ATAPI-E/IDE, support up to Ultra-DMA Mode2 33.3MB/sec

l Access Time : 80ms (typical)

l Buffer Memory Size: 2MB

l System Requirement : CPU Pentium 166MHz above , Memory 128B Required ;

HDD must have access time < 20ms, with a minimum of 100MBytes Free space

l Disc Format : CD/CD-R/CD-RW formats both 8cm & 12cm discs (up to 99 min)

l Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000/ME

l MTBF : 70’000 Power On Hours with 25% Duty

l Dimension :
WxHxD: 145.8 x 41.3 x 190.0mm
Weight: ¡Ø 1.0Kg

I’ve not seen this for sale yet…to early to say anything about it…

Mostly I was wondering about the “6”. this is a new chipset, right?

Supposed to be a new chipset.

TDK 48x24x48 was just announced, so it looks like 48126 is out (to TDK at least)

4812 does not equal 48x24x, but it’s an intriguing thought.

TDK CyClone 48x24x48x Internal CDRW