LTR 48126S to LTR 52246S

Could you flash the 48126S (2SOD) right to the 52246S (6S02). or do you first have to flash to the 48246S (SS06) ?

I’m thinking about getting another Burner for my other set up. And if it works I might just swap out my 48125W.


yes you can

basicly enything in the series 6 firmwares you can flash to :slight_smile: and back :stuck_out_tongue:

you see your is a series 6 burner :slight_smile:

4812 (6 Series) S

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Could you flash the 48126S (2SOD) right to the 52246S (6S02). or do you first have to flash to the 48246S (SS06) ?

Yes, indeed. Just flash your drive with the 6S02 and you’ll get your LTR-52246S. That’s it .
Good luck ! :smiley:

Thanks for the reply,

Do you have to use the Mktflash method, or could I use the windows method. Either way it does’nt matter to me. The windows way is easier.


No, no. It’s strictly the MTKFLASH metod you must use here.
Take your time and study carefully MTKFLASH turtorial

Good luck !

Thanks Boskin,
I think I’m going to order the drive,
and mess around with it.
Newegg has the drive on sale. $61.99 american. they also have the 52246S $80.00 both in stock and both free shipping
I’ll save 20 bucks anyway.

i’m wondering, i have a 48x liteon, the w version. but i don’t have an a drive (no need for one in my opinion, except for flashing things), so is there a way to flash it in windows, or boot to dos with a cd or something like that? i really wana flash my drive, as i did it to a friends 40x liteon to a 48x by hexing the flasher.

Make a boot cd.

Or if you have win9x you can just boot into safe mode command prompt.

i have xp, and could u tell me how to make a boot cd??? i tried with the windows me files, but wouldn’t work. thanks.

Flashing is a much simpler process if you have a FAT or FAT32 partition available on your hard drive. All you have to do is copy MTKFLASH and the .bin files into a directory on that partition, boot off a Windows 98 boot disk and flash from there.

However, if you’re like me and have your hard drives set up as an NTFS RAID-0 array, and are too lazy to add a FAT32 partition, there is a way to do the flash from DOS.

Whenever you boot off a Windows 98 boot disk, the system will automatically create a RAM drive. This RAM drive is more than large enough to store the MTKFLASH program and necessary .bin files.

Download the .bin file and put the MTKFLASH executable onto a floppy disk that’s separate from your Windows 98 boot disk. Boot to the A:\ promt that comes from loading the boot disk. Then change over to a C:\ prompt, which is the RAM drive. Create a directory in the RAM drive called Flash. Put the .bin file and MTKFLASH executable into that directory you created on the RAM drive. Use MTKFLASH to create a backup of your current firmware (details are outlined in this forum) and immediately copy that .bin file to a floppy disk, because after you reboot your system from flashing your drive, the RAM drive gets deleted.

Once you’ve backed up your current firmware, use MTKFLASH to flash your drive with the updated firmware, reboot when it prompts you to do so, then you’re done. :cool:

I’ve used this process to play around with different firmwares on a Memorex drive and it’s worked great. :bigsmile:

BTW, since you CDFreaks experts say a flash from a 48126 to 52246 should work I went ahead and ordered a 48126 to call my very own. Should look nice alongside my Pioneer DVD-ROM and Plextor 24/10/40A. The 6S02 firmware is now eagerly sitting on a floppy waiting for my new toy to arrive at my doorstep. :smiley:

Gotta give a shoutout to RJB0388 for providing that link to Newegg. :bow: $62+free shipping+the best component company on the web = one happy geek (that would be me :wink: )

thanks for the help, but i said i don’t have a floppy drive.

Originally posted by TheOneTrueJedi
thanks for the help, but i said i don’t have a floppy drive.

Get one.

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Get one. [/B]

Yeah, they’re like $10 or less online. They’re always handy to keep around because you never know when you’re going to need them (like when you’re overclocking your burner :bigsmile: )

I am ordering the LTR-48126S tomorrow. I do plan on flashing to the LTR-52246S but I have one question. Where can you buy the new CD-RW media? HS-RW? I dunno if thats it right off the top of my head but does anybody know where to buy that media?


obscure detour


If you have a LTR-48125W the information in this thread does not apply to your drive, which is not overclockable at this point.

You also don’t need a floppy drive to flash standard Lite-on firmware to this drive model. The firmware is Windows flashable. If you are not using firmware VS08, it is considered to be the best version.

Originally posted by TheOneTrueJedi
i have xp, and could u tell me how to make a boot cd??? i tried with the windows me files, but wouldn’t work. thanks.

Boot off the ME cd and quit when it starts the installation.

Then you will be in DOS and able to access the HD, if you have fat or fat 32.

Otherwise you can use nero and actually use the boot record on the ME cdrom to create a boot cdrom without ME.
Alternately, their is a directory olf the ME cd called EBD, which conatains the emergency boot disk image. Use that in nero for a bootable cd.

ok, i did get a floppy drive finally, and i flashed my drive to 52x, but after i reboot, my bios doesn’t recognize it anymore, and windows hangs at the bootup screen. so what i’m gonna do is, flash with the last firmware i had for my 48x, and do it that way. is recovering the same way as flashing to begin with? like that same lines? the mtkflash w /b *the firmware name.bin? thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Where does one get the firmware to take the 48126S to 52? Thanks…


see Lite-On Firmwares.:wink:


Apparently you either didn’t read my earlier reply or ignored it, preferring to embark on an exercise in futility. :cool:

Read the MTKflash guide for instructions on reflashing your burner.