LTR-48126S --> LTR-48246S Is It Possible?


Just wondering if it’s possible, and if so how can i do it… to change my LTR-48126S to a LTR-48246S Drive … and then later when the firmware comes out to a LTR-52246S





Yes it’s possible for surre!

Go to my homepage and grab the BIN file. :slight_smile:


Yes it can be done!! :slight_smile: :bigsmile:

I just changed my Lite-On from a LTR-48126S to a LTR-48246S. Now if I could only find both CD-R and CD-RW Media that can rewrite to 24x! If anyone knows what department stores in the U.S. sell this this type of media, please let me know.

Thanks goes out to OC-Freak and Dyzan.

I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to bump my Lite-On up to the 52246S, as soon as someone makes that bin file.


:bigsmile: :cool: :bigsmile:


Yes, it is. By flashing it w the SS06.bin and mtkflash