Anyone that has a “Retail” LTR-48125W Liteon… What do you think about the drive?? Is it reallllly good? Also i noticed that in OC freaks info on the upgrades, he has that its not upgradable, does that mean never or just temporarily (since it was just released,i would assume no “update firmware” is available. I just got a confirmation email from and it has been shipped, i am so anxious!!! FInally jumping from 12x to a 48!!! Also a third Question, whats up with that mount rainer support… i didnt read anything on the Liteon48x(unless i missed it) supporting that new format, even though ive read elsewere that all new burners are gonna support it?Thanx in advanc… THis forum ROcks!!!

I have a OC’ed 32x to 48x.

OC-Freak has listed the drive as “Not Upgradable” unless proven otherwise…:slight_smile:

The 48x is supposed to support MRW. Never tried it, though.

what media can be used to make 48x cds? I been looking inthothat too and i hAVENT FOUND ANY MEDIA…OR CAN I try to use some other media and turn off the burners media check?

I haven’t tried too many media types as yet.

  1. Ritek 32x certified burns @48x with VS02 and @40x with VS06 (Zero errors and SmartBurn ON in both cases)

  2. Prodisc 24x certified burns @ above

HAve you tried Imations 32x 700mb/80Min Cds? I cant wait till i get my 48x Liteone to try different brands. Also…Vso6 and Vso2 are firmware versions right? Just wanna make sure im in the same page as you on that.

Taiyo Yuden 40X media is the only one I have tried out of several that writes 100% error free @ 48X. LiteOn released the drive too soon and there isn’t a lot of media out there that can take the faster write speeds without producing errors. I don’t like beta hardware.

I am probably going to return the drive and wait for the Yamaha CRW-F1. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably just wait for the 48X16X48 LiteOn which should be out in a couple of weeks.

By the way, Ritek just announced that they are producing 48X media. Press release here.

Biggest problem with the drive is media compatibility right now. Maybe once 48X media is readily available you won’t have to spend $30 for 100 TY 40X CDs. Bought mine @

I have a true, non-OC 48125W.

I’d stick with VS02.

Thanx for the Info, i guess ill wait a bit until i go spending alot of $$ just to get 48x compatible cds, 32x media will do just fine, you can always find specials on cd media, whether its a rebate or something,…i recently bought a 100pack of 32x media(imation) for 30 and got a rebate for 20…not bad…So it only was really about $11 for a 100pack…im sure ill find the other media on sales later on…Next thing i my list is a DVD burner. a friend and i are gonna chip in to get one. Im gopnna hold it though so i can use it at all times. I was wondering if i should get that pioneer burner (ao4 or 104) or wait a little longer till fall. ALso…does anyone knw if Liteon is going to manufacture DVD burners, i mean they make DVD rom drives…If liteon makes Dvd burners… im pretty confident they should be good, with the rep they have with their cd burners i think they should make good DVD burners as well. Anyone have any info on that?..Its been on my mind for quite sometime now…Its about time more companies made dvd burners. I know pioneer makes the best so far(well most compatible)… but i would like to see other makers besides sony,HP etc…Gotta make those copies…

Also…Vso6 and Vso2 are firmware versions right?

Yes. I’d rather not try Imations anymore :slight_smile:

They have the 50pack of imations on sale for $2 on officemax. Its weird, i never had any probs with my imation cds, i guess being that i burned at 12x as opposed to32x that the cd supports…but so far no coasters or anything…no probs here wit imation. What probs you encountered with them?

Burnt 24x certified Imations at 24x on Samsung 24x burner, @16x on the Liteon 16101B. Unreadable discs, data loss after storing the CDs for a few days etc. BTW, I store all other brands in the same place. None of them have any problems.

Ouch… Guess ill try to avoid them if i can…sometimes some deals are too good to pass up…family bothers alot when it comes to music etc…people think Blank media falls fromthe sky…just cause you get a 100 pack, they will call you cheap if you refuse to make them a music cd…lol…

I’d hold off on a DVD burner. Technology isn’t quite there yet. Give it 6-9 months and not only will things be priced reasonably, but the tech will be much better.