LTR-48125W weird firmware issue

Ok, my LTR-48125W comes up in the windows device manager as:
LKTO-ON* L^R/4:1:5_***
I’m guessing that isn’t what it’s supposed to be. My problem is the stock lite-on flasher won’t work cause its names funny, and windows says it can’t start the drive. And, ah… I don’t really know what to do. I have been using MtkWinFlash with the VS04 binary, but that’s the name it comes up with when I flash it, so I’m lost as to what to do, the drive works because I put it in my parents win98 computer before I left for college. Any ideas on what I should try?

There’s a problem with the connection between the drive and your computer. Try re-seating the cable or else replace the cable.

You were right, it was a connection problem. Thanks, sorry for the slow reply, i’m sick and went to bed and then I had an early class. But now it works. Yay.

If the system cannot read the drive name correctly, you have a SEVERE communication problem…

Faulty or badly seated cable, another drive on the same cable malfunctioning, transfer rate set too high.

A good thing the flasher refused to go, as under those conditions, if the flash had managed to start, it would have been corrupted - NEVER flash a drive if you have doubts about system stability or communication with the drive.