Ltr-48125w unable to read/write

okay, i have checked out all the faq’s and whatnot. (they seem to be mostly focused on ‘overclocking’ and updating firmware…unfortunately, i can’t even get to that point). so, here is my problem. i don’t mind being called a newbie or an idiot (even though i’m neither), as long as you point me in the right direction to get this working.

i have had an hp 8x drive for a year or two and never have had any problems with it. i ordered a liteon ltr-48125w from newegg and it came in yesterday. i removed the hp and placed the liteon in there. (secondary slave, i think). therefore, is has the exact same configuration that the hp had.

well, it wouldn’t recognize any cd-r’s. i would start up nero and tell it to burn, but the drive would just eject the disc and prompt for another…even the one that came with the disc. i tried four different brands of cd-r and got the same results with each. i believe the specific error was ‘no medium found’

i removed and reinstalled the drive and checked for bent pins…none.

i thought maybe the version of nero needed to be updated, so i updated it to the latest version available on their website. (i also used the version that came with the drive, and got the same results). i also got the latest versions of cdrwin and clonecd. all of these softwares recognize the drive properly, but will not actually write anything. (clonecd recognizes that there is writable media, but will not write to it.)

i’m getting ready to fill out an rma request to have the drive returned. is there anything you can tell me to get this working before i return it? thanks for any help you can provide…and any help whatsoever is appreciated.

So the master/slave setting of the jumper is ok?..Then you probably have a faulty drive,m8…

yeah, the jumper settings appear to be fine…the system and the bios sees it as normal. alas, i think you are right, i am trying to get an rma for the drive. thanks for your reply.

Here we need more detailed description of your configuration!

Operating system, processor, memory, …

it is wery rare that a new drive shows failures like this (but it can happen)

os: windows xp sp1
processor: p3 1ghz
memory: 512mb ddr noname brand (tested with linux based memory tester…no errors)

mobo: msi pro266r
primary master: wd 40gb udma100 7200rpm
primary slave: compaq 14x dvd
secondary master: wd 120gb udma100 7200rpm
secondary slave: ltr-48125w
gpu: leadtek geforce 2 pro
scsi: adaptec 2940 ultra
sound: hercules fortissimo gamesurround
nic: 3com 3c905
usb: siig usb 2.0/firewire card
4 hard drives on the onboard raid controller

system works completely with an hp 8x 9100 in place of this liteon.

i agree that this does sound suspicious, but i have built many systems before, and i think i’ve exhausted every resource that i have at the moment. i am appealing to this list for anything i may be overlooking, so thanks for your input.

I just got the exact same drive from newegg in today. Luckily, I can say I’m having good luck with it so far. I had to update clone and nero in order to burn at max speed though. Strange thing happened when I was trying to copy sd2 before I downloaded the latest version of clone. Twice it locked up at 99%. I hope that was just the clone cd problem, because the latest version hasn’t shown that problem. 3 tries, all fine.

Sounds like you got a lemon my friend. Sorry.

hey, thanks for the info.

i think i recall someone posting almost the exact same symptoms as you. it appears that the same thing is happening to others, but it looked simple to fix. sorry, but i didn’t pay that much attention to it. you might want to do a search. hope it works out for you.

I take back what I said in my above post. I got a lemon too. :frowning:

Just returned my burner and I’m sticking with my 24102b that has never failed me.