LTR-48125W problems



I have a weird problem whit the LTR-48125W using Firmware VS06.
I just build in this burner and when i tested it burned a disk in 5 to 5 min @ 32x (Smart Burn enabled), the same as my Lite on 16x burner a had before !!! :frowning:

Anywone solutions????:bow: :bow: :bow:


Use media that it can write at higher speeds.


and DMA is enabled?

With low quality media the drive automatically lowers the speed…


My DMA is enabled for all my drives; LTD-163 & LTR-48125W.
I use platinum media and i know 4 sure this is A-qualty media!!!


OK, bro. My friend had the same problem. Here is what I did to fix the problem, thanx to CPU Slayer:

It was not on DMA mode, and also, the jumper settings did not match where the drives were on the IDE cable. So, we set it to DMA, and changed the jumper settings so that the burner was the master, and the DVD player was the slave (with the burner being closer to the motheroboard on the IDE cable), and BAM!!..burned a full 700MB CD in 3:00 flat including lead in and lead out!!:eek: (SmartBurn enabled)

Hope this helps!