LTR-48125W Problem

Hello. I read through “The Big Lite-On FAQ” and this is a similar problem I am having: “LED is flashing between RED and ORANGE”. The CD-R starts off fine. It burns the whole CD-R fast at 48x but when it comes to the end, the LED light turns from REd to ORANGE (solid) and stays that way the whole time. And the LED light will stay solid orange and the CD-R in the drive will spin up and down over and over again not getting anywhere.

I went through that FAQ and checked if my DMA was enabled, which it was. This problem has been plaguing me for quite sometime now and I’m about to give up on it and get a new burner. It has made too many coasters so far…

My computer specs are like this: P4, 2.4Ghz, 512 MB PC800 RAM, 120 gig WD HD, LTR-48125W burner, Matshita DVD-ROM, Promise ATA133 Controller (which I only have a 250MB Zip Drive attached too).

IDE Slot 1 (Motherboard):

IDE Slot 2 (Motherboard):

IDE Controller (PCI Slot):
[Primary]=====[250MB Internal Zip Drive]

Here are some screenshots I took of my DMA settings and from Nero InfoTool:


have u tried different media?

Yes, I have. That seems not to be the issue…