LTR-48125W hangs while starting burn!

i got a new ltr-48125w for x-mas and i installed the drive windows xp picked it up and then i ran nero to test it out and it locks up on burning with in the first 5% of the process, it just spins up and down a bunch of times and dosent go anywhere. I CAN FIGURE IT OUT, i tried to upgrade the firmware and that did nothing and it wont even use windows xp built in burner to burn CD’s please help me out. Thanks

please help

What media and what speed are you burning at. Try selecting a slower burning speed or change your media to see if it helps.

im using Fuji 80 min/700 mb and i have tried to burn as low as 8 and it still freezes, i thought it was nero but i tried blindwrite and cloneCD and windows xp and neither of them work, i guess im gonna have to send it back to the store i got it from unless someone has a solution

Turn off the XP native burning application.

sorry to be a bugger, but how do you turn that off, i cant find it, SORRY

Not an XP person, but I believe you start by right-clicking on the drive.

it didnt work i got to it through administration tools, still messed up ,im just gonna send it back and get a new one, thanks for the help guys:bigsmile:

I had the same problem as you, just try other media then it wil work again. Or you could try writing different data on the same cdr-s, it will then work again…it did for me!!! :slight_smile: