LTR-48125W and windows 2000

A funny thing happend yesterday, I wrote a cd had a look at it in my computer came out took the cd out of the drive replaced it with a blank one anly to find it had the same info on that one as the one I just wrote, but the cd I had just put in was a blank one. How could this be the cd in the drive is blank, after 1 or 2 minuits of putting the blank cd in and out of the drive it eventually seen it as blank. What I did then was repeated the hole thing again with another cd I wrote and a differnt make of blank cd only for it to do the same. Has anyone had this happen to them or doe’s anyone know whats going on with it.
Many Thanks if you can help with this. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Bugg in windows 2000.

Restart the computer with the CD in. and wolla! You can se the info on the CD. Or not if the CD is blank… :slight_smile:


Hi Dyzan
Thats a fast reply is there a fix for it or will I just have to put up with it?

had the same thing happen when i had winme. got used to it. Dosn’t happen in xp home edition.

You can try to install Service Pack 3. but no gurantee.

And yes, Windows XP fixed all that problems.


Ok on that. I have installed service pack 3 but its still the same. Looks like an upgrade to XP as and when I can afford it.
Thanks all for your help.