LTR-48125W and PSX protected games

Hi all

Can anyone tell me if the LTR-48125W copy’s PSX protected games ok. If so what software can I use for this.

Thanks. B.B:)

For sure it can do it!
Best use CloneCD V4.0.1.6 (earlier versions had some problem with the hide cd-r media option) …
use read options ´read subchannel data from data tracks´and ´read subchannel data from audio tracks´ and write options ´don´t repair subchannel data´, do NOT check ´amplify weak sectors´ with your writer!
Use low read speeds (20x max) and low write speeds (4x) to get best results, it MAY work with maximum read and write speeds though, but don´t say you haven´t been warned! :wink:

I’m still wondering why if you make an image (cloneCD) with no errors in it and then burn it at some medium speed like 12x or 16x , and the burn process finishes succesfully , then why when you read the copy, it (cloneCD) reports unreadable sectors?
Is the psx disk format causing this?
this doesn’t happens with audio or data

the only thing to worry about in this or any other case should be to get the best posible image, then burn it at any speed you want cause errors are introduced only at read phase rigth?

but then i keep reading i many places to read fast and burn slow, shouldn’t be read slow then burn at whatever speed you writer works best?

still a mystery…

Just to say thanks for your help.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, the read errors are part of the copy protection.