LTR-48125S Verbatim Ultraspeed CD-RW

I bought 2 Verbatim Ultraspeed CD-RWs (24x). I’ve tryed everything (turning smartburn off, different writing apps), but it’s like impossible to write faster than 2x. Is there any solution for my problem?


edit: actually these RWs aren’t working with my writer at all (they worked with some LG @ 24x nice). I tryed to erase and write it the only available, 2x, speed and it says “Disc not supported”.

thx in advance,

As far as I know, the LTR-48125S does not handle Ultraspeed-RWs. The highest speed the drive is able to write to RWs is 12x

I don’t really know, why did I think 48125S is writing at 24x :o
Anyways, after I found this out, it’s only 12x, it all came clear. Fool me :slight_smile:

And as much as I have read there’s no way I could overclock this poor thing too :confused:
Just flashed it to 48125W, but that makes not much difference anyways.