LTR- 40x/48x and heat

Anybody else noticing that these drives get maybe one to three good write/read sessions before the quality drops off? I do, I see a rather significant increase in errors after about 3 burns. There’s no particular heat build-up in my case, but the discs sure get warm.

Well the higher the write speed the hotter the drive gets. Put some active cooling near it and things should be fine. I put a blowhole in my case more for drive cooling than to pull any hot air off the CPU.

There’s no way to cool inside a CD drive, my case is not a bit hot. I’ve tried leaving the tray open and that seeems to help sometimes, but that’s not for sure. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this about their 40x/48x drives.

Nopp… Works perfect for me. Got a 40125W@48125W…


You may wish to define “works perfect”, how many C2 errors do you see on the average 40x full-sized burn? How about the 4th or 5th one? How about after an hour or 2 of full-time burning? How are you checking the drive?

hey rdgrimes, noticed the exact same thing as you. Seems we are two perfectionists looking for the holy grail here… :wink:

Anyway the discs that come out are invariably warm. With my old Plexy 1210A the diks were actually cooler than when read by my CD-ROM! Also, reading disks gets the drive hot as much as burning. After reading about 10 CDs for testing the case is very warm to the touch.

Does it run hot? You betcha! As a matter of fact Lite-ON recommends letting the drive cool off after 5 consecutive burns.

I find that after just 2-3 runs through a full disc, reading or writing, the read errors get pretty high. I’ve got a test disc burned at 24x that reads perfect the first run, then after a couple more tries, it generates all kind of errors. I’m returning my 48x drive for a replacement, figure I can experiment some more with a virgin drive. What I cannot figure is how firmware can make such a difference, the ZSOx F/W doesn’t have near the troubles, though I see similar heat problems, just not as bad. The error peaks I see here are at around 15-20 min, 30-40 min, 45-50 min and 60 min. The 163D drive rarely sees more than just a few errors near the end of the discs, and doesn’t seem to mind heat. Leaving the tray open between discs makes a difference.

So far I’ve not experienced this problem (and yes I write many discs in a row).

But my case is a well ventilated Lian-Li PC-75USB aluminium case. Case temp is usually 1 degree Celsius higher than the room temperature.

In the short period of time that I see the change, case temp could not be a factor, but it’s not hot in there anyway. Mostly I think the drive is just an erratic reader, seems to be affected by a number of things, heat is just one of them. But that one disc, which reads flawless on the first try, is unreadable a few minutes later.

Ocfreak: You have got a great case, that’s why it is not happen on you. The heat generated from the drive has been ‘spread’ to the bracket and then to the aluminium casing itself. I have a 7200rpm hdd drive, believe it or not, after i mount a flat aluminium under it, the drive temperature drop 10 degree celcius(without that piece of aluminium, 56 celcius max, with, 46 celcius max. i’m in a hot country)! that’s without any fan on the aluminium. i just got that piece of aluminium from hardware shop and mount some holes on it to dispatch the heat. now i am thinking of doing something to the liteon drive as i use to burn 20cds+ in a row… maybe cutting a hole and put a small fan at the back, hope i found some empty space at the back of the drive… :slight_smile:

As a test, I took the 40125S off the (cool) shelf and swapped it for the 48125W. After 3-5 runs through the same 24x-burned CD, it also starts to show more and more errors. I’m looking at putting an assist fan in my case just for fun, but I can’t see that helping the CD drives if they heat that fast!

Well, I was wrong, case temp does, in fact, seem to make a difference for these drives. I installed an additional case fan,(there were none in my mid-tower, just processor and PS fans). The temp near the top drive dropped from near 100’F to below 85"F, and I seem to be seeing better reading behavior and less degradation after several passes.
Confirmed in CDSpeed and also in the “other” program.

Great to know, time to install yet another 5" fan :bigsmile:

83bj60, AOPEN case with 1 extra 5" @ 7V (chipset and video card), 1 3" @ 7V (HD) and soon another 5" for the burner :bigsmile:

I stuck in a front fan today, figured what the heck!

My case have 2 front fans(included with case) blowing air over 6 harddrives.

In back there is 4 8cm x 8cm fans blowing air out. + the dual fan enermax PSU blowing out.

My CPU is well cooled by an alpha pal8045 cooler.

Case temp is normally 1 deg over room temp so it never get over 30 deg C (hot days) and normally it’s 22-24 deg C (normal days).

And drives is screwed into aluminium so heat is removed effectively…

Been tweaking the case ventilation, and installed a temp sensor in the top of the box. I’ve got the temp down to under 80’, but it still rises up to 85’ after 4-5 passes through a full disc at 48x.
however, the cooler I get the case, the better the drive works, fewer and fewer errors, and i’m now able to push the media a bit faster too.

I just converted my 40125S o/c to 48x to an external USB 2.0 drive. The external drive case has it’s own power supply and fan so that the drive is now actively cooled without having to share the heat inside my computer.

I’ll have to run some tests to see if there are any errors on extended burns.

I am using the ADV USB 2.0 external drive which has a built in fan as well. I do not notice any difference in temperature between the external drive an my internal drives. I had a plextore 40x external drive that had NO fans but it had an aluminium case which transfers heat well. In fact I would say that if anybody is having heat problems with their drives they add some aluminium or copper plates to transfer the heat away from the drive.