LTR-40125W firmwares ? (WS03)

I have a LTR-40125W with WS01 firmware. On the OC-Freak site there is a file that indicates a WS03 firmware.
Has anyone been able to use this firmware - what does it change from ws01? Mr. Rainer support?
I have not been able to extract that file with rar. Is the archive broken?

Use, at least, winrar 2.90!

i tested the WS03 with my 40125W. Everything works fine. No much difference between 01 and 03. Average burning speed went from 31,40 to 31,60 P-CAV. Mt. Rainier not supported.
A warning for all users of Platinum cdrs. The first 10 I bought to test it with my LiteOn where manufactured by Ricoh and worked very well at 40x speed. So I got the next 50 but now the manufacturer went to Ritek and I am not able to burn them at 40x speed. The max speed is 32x. So please be careful and make a test before you buy.

I tried some Ricoh (Ricoh labeled by Ricoh) 12x certified, and if i used a speed over 24x, i got lots of c2 errors.

Somehow these liteons cannot properly detect the maximum speed for cd-r’s. Plextors are better in this point

----> Kryden

You can allso download the newer Bios from my own webbpage if you don’t want to download Winrar…


Thank you all for your replies. I found that WinRAR 2.9 was able to open the archive. Maybe there was something wrong with my first download. I was a bit afraid to upgrade with this unofficial BIOS, but I will try. Thanks…

I have written down your name on the guide that i have uploaded on my page.


Thanks dyzan, I’m happy now :wink: