Ltr 40125S



Just purchased a 40125S - seems to be a very impressive machine. Reading these pages re upgrading firmware to VSOJ - seems the biggest advantage is in using P-CAV method of writing with a slight slight speed increase.

My concerns are: are there any difficulties with media? Any loss of quality in writing to media?

Currently I use Imation 24x & Sony 32x discs.

I read that when this model was upgraded to VSOD there were a number of errors produced.

Any advice welcome!


I take it you mean firmware ZS0J , been using it since the day it was released because I was finding problems with it matching certain media badly, and for me I’ve found a slight improvement on that side of things apart from the other obvious benefits of this new firmware.

I say go for it. :wink:

HTH :slight_smile:


> Currently I use Imation 24x

Imation is crap, especially for LiteOn. They don’t like Imation. Use e.g. Ritek, Prodisc, or, if you can get some, Taiyo Yuden.


Ritek and Prodisc have given me very good results. Imation generally has too many problems. BTW, I use the Liteon 16x and 48x and the Yamaha 8x. The results are consistent across all three burners.