LTR-40125S vs LTR-40125W



Does it matter between LTR-40125S and LTR-40125W drives? I am plannig to replace my HP 4x with one of these drives. I won't be upgrading to 48x or messing with the firmware in anyway. I was hopefully looking forward to burning some Safedisk1 and 2 disks (2.51 gta3 as one example) and I heard that this was a good drive to buy according to the forum. Would either the S or W interfere with copying either SDs? What is the differnece? Lite-on does not specify a diff. and all the forum mentions is upgrading to 48x. Any suggestionon the better drive will be much appreciated.


The 5W is faster, and can be clocked to 48x. In all other aspects it’s identical to 5S.


With the new firmware update for 40125S the drive supports P-CAV and Mt. Rainer.

In speed there is no difference (31,65 average, tested with a 40x CD-R and Nero CDSpeed)!!!

All 40125 drives can be upgraded by firmware to 48125W.

I’d buy this one, which is cheaper (40125S in my opinion)

If you want you can upgrade with mtkflash and the right firmware to 40125W.

I’ve done upgrading with mtkflash and nothing happened!



Thanks, I ordered from for $78 dollars and W was all they had. Thanks again.