LTR-40125S to LTR-48125W: How to?

I have ZS0N firmware loaded right now. I tried from an earlier version, to VS02 and it rendered the drive unusable until I reflashed back to the old firmware. From the ZS0N I’m on right now, what would be the best way to OC this drive to LTR-48125W?


It’s all in the FAQ

Let me rephrase my question… from the ZS0N firmware, what is the best sequence? Is it important to do them in order, ie VS01 to VS02 to VS04 etc? My first attempt from ZS0J to VS08 gave very poor results, rendering the drive useless. I’ve tried VS08 and VS06, both giving me write errors in Nero after a few successful burns. But I went from VS08 to VZ06, and from the newest official 40125S to ZS08 beforehand. Most of the documentations don’t say from what firmware, to what firmware - they just say they went from 40125S to 48125W “yay yay omg”. :\

It makes no difference what “order” you flash them in.

Did you read the FAQ? Maybe you need a fresh course.

  1. Get MTKFLASH 1.55
  2. Get VS08 for 48125W
  3. Boot in DOS
  4. Flash

There’s no sequence. If you have a 40125S, just flash it w/ VS08.

Alternatively, you could get Flashfix and use it to patch the VS08 windows flasher from then run that and use it to flash your drive :slight_smile:

I’ve a 32123s OC to 40125s, shouldn’t I be able to do the same w/ the vs08 firmware? I tried it and it didn’t work (drive goofed on every burn…) sorry for the newbish question…but I’m just wondering if the 32123s drive works as a 40125s…that should mean they’re the same…but if they’re the same…why does the 32123s NOT work as a 48125W?? they must be different…anyway thanks…but shouldn’t i be able to is the q…? the faq says no but I wasn’t sure if it was not updated for this. ty

Again, this is all covered in the thread on this topic HERE .
The answer is : no.

thank u for answering, i just read it in one of the other threads too tho (that i hadn’t checked when i posted)