Ltr 40125s Problem

Hi there something strange is happening with my drive.
Writing cds no problem till last saturday(5 april) then all cds burnt were coasters. Moved the drive to another computer were everything went ok till today cds are again coasters.The firmware is the latest availablefrom liteon web site R40ZS0P. What’s wrong according to you guys?

hmm, u mean the program u’re using says the burns are successful, yet u can’t read any data off them? have u tried different types of media?

On both computers i’ve tried different media but both clone cd, nero say the burn was succesfull still cd is unreadable both say the same message even if copy a cd or simply burn data on it from hd

have u tried reading these cds in other drives?

Yes i trie in 6 different drives: Plextor 482448, pioneer dvd scsi, lg 52 reader, toshiba sdm1222, liteon dvd drive, plextor 40x scsi. no one can read discs burnt with 40125s

is the 40125S capable of reading any cds itself? i mean ones that weren’t burned with the drive.

Yes, it reads perfectly.

A scan of the coasters would be very helpfull. CDSpeed or Kprobe is what you need.

Tx i’ll try out the costers but funny thing is the drive tonight started burning cds correctly.