LTR-40125s making lag



WHEW! i just got my new 40125s in the mail from and i installed it as soon as possible. So i go to burn a cd with CCD and WOW i got hit by a wall of lag! my computer was going as slow as a pentium 2 while i read AVP2 disk 1 (securomNEW) and the same thing while i burnt it!

I read/wrote the cd using my liteon in my win98 partition any reasons why it was so laggy?


Enable DMA and it will be smoother. :wink:


It seems a bit faster, is there anything else i can do to make working on my PC while burning a bit smoother?

I should have prob put this in a different thread but how come i cant select Don’t Repair Subchannel Data in CCD in the burn menu?


Disable any applications running in the background (Antivirus, disk optimizers etc).

Use Nero or the latest one (


Nevermind about dont repair subchannel data, i just had to change write mode to RAW-DAO


Check your drive with nero cdspeed!
Maybe your drive has an even more abnormal CPU usage at high speed?!
Normally the drive uses about 25% of your CPU when you burn at 8X, so possibly even more when you burn faster.


Thanks for the suggestion, but i found the problem. It turns out i only enabled DMA on my hard drive, and i couldnt on my LiteON. So after a little thinking I realised that the wee little 2x cd-rom drive i had on MIGHT not support DMA so i popped it out.

now the problem is i have winXP installed, so where do i go to enable DMA?


Easy, goto the Device Manager in Windows XP, then goto “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” and double click the controller that has the CD-RW. Then you can goto the Adavanced Settings tab and voila!


thanks a lot! everything works great and 40x is soooo fast <drool>


Try overclocking to 48x. Might make you drool a little bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, use VS02.


Considering this is a brand new burner, im not ready to OC it yet. I dont really feel like putting it in the line of fire for an extra couple seconds, i might when its been a little while though.


It’s more like 20-30 seconds, but you get shorter burn times at 32x too, because it’ll start at 22x instead of 18x. I’ve flashed mine forwards and backwards a dozen times, it’s fun!