LTR-40125s lite-on Burner doesn't rip cds at high speed

My Lite-on Burner will not rip cds over 20x speed on my computer. I am using music match to rip cds. i have tried easy cd-da extractor as well but only got like 10x. A friends computer will rip at 30x which is still below the dae speed that is in the specs. What should I do? I have made sure that dma was enabled and have both xp and winxp on my computer. Neither rip over 20x. I have a pentium 4 pc , 1600mhz, 256 mb of ram. Well any help is appreciated. One other thing. Can I buy a cover for the front of my drive to make it black? I have a black computer case and would like to match it.

Yes on both

Can it not rip mp3s at over 20.9x or so? I thought it was the fastest ripper out there. A friend of mine had the thing up to 29 so i guess that can’t be the case. I have my 2 os’s win98 and xp and both won’t go over 20.9. I tried uinstalling the secondary ide channel but that suggestion didn’t work. Whats the problem? A friend told me that my computer could be encoding too slow but why would this be. I went and got some more memory. Up 2 512MB now. Any other suggestions?

rip to wav first, and see what ur speed is. then u can accurately guage whether or not its the drive, or the encoding, thats slowing the process down. ya should have the drive on a different ide channel than the hard drive, methinks, to avoid clogging. just a thought.

Yes, it’s fast.

Just read my review:

Ripping directly from the drive and at the same time convert to MP3 needs LOTS of CPU power.

Read my review and you’ll see that it’s pretty fast at reading, both in EAC and in CD-Speed.

My friend can rip at 30x and encode mp3s with the same burner. So whats the deal? Why can’t I encode as fast?
I have a pentium 4 with 512 megs of pc 133 ram. Windows xp and 98 both rip the same speed. 20.9max. Whats the deal? I tried shutting everything down in 98 and it still did the same. Dma is enabled. His system is an AMD 1400+, running win98 with 512mb of ddr ram. Is having ddr the reason?

ddr is nice…amd is nicer. what p4 do you have?