LTR-40125S - L-EC errors burning disk images - help

Just got this today - using CDRWin and Nero I can burn disk images “successfully” - BUT they are full of errors.

VCDGear says they are L-EC errors when I try to re-rip a VCD from one of the disks. The majority of them are in the middle of the disk.

Nero’s CDSpeed quits either at the saart OR about halfway saying "Read error at blah blah (Code 031100)

Ive tried various 32X media as well as the 40x disk that came with the drive - no joy.

I have tried it in a VP6 - Via chipset - W2ksp3 - 4in 1s etc
Tried it in a P4 i845 W2ksp3.

All to no avail.

Anyone seen this - help greatly appreciated.