Ltr-40125s Help!

In which of the following drives can I flash my LTR-40125S <ZS0N>???

LTR-52246S <6S02>
LTR-48246S <SS06>
LTR-48126S <2S0D>
LTR-48125W <VS08>
LTR-48125S <1S05>
LTR-40125W <WS09>

And were can I find the BIN firmware, and the program as write abut here :

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Try this:

[Any ZSxx to VS02.rar]( ZSxx to VS02.rar)

[Any ZSxx to VS06.rar]( ZSxx to VS06.rar)

Both requires WinRAR-3.0 to Extract [/B]

I hope you can help me…

Only these firmwares are suitable for your drive:
LTR-48125W <VS08>
LTR-48125S <1S05>
LTR-40125W <WS09>

You need the newer LTR-48126S or faster to flash the LTR-52246S <6S02> or LTR-48246S <SS06>

My own choice was vs08.

Go to htpp:// where you will find everything you will need. Note you cannot flash your drive to a 48125 directly under windows, you have to do it in dos using mtkflash.