LTR-40125S DAO/96 problem

I have a problem burning images using DAO/96 method:
I can burn them without errors but I can’t read 'em.

I think LTR-40125S should be able to do that.

I use Nero and FireBurner to burn cuesheets (CDRWin doesn’t support LTR-40125S yet).

CloneCD seems to work correctly, even with SD2 protected images like Max Payne.

What OS are you using?
XP sometimes has problems reading burned discs, even if it was burned on the same computer…
WindowsUpdate will fix that.

Do you have to use DAO/96?

I use WinXP and I have all updates from Windows Update.
And I have also the latest firmware for my Liteon. (xx0A) I can’t remember the exact code, but it was 0A, which is the latest.

I don’t know if I need DAO/96 or not, but that’s not the case. I want it to work because it should work. That’s a matter of principles.
I don’t like the case when I haven’t got something that I should have.

But anyway, if somebody solves that why can’t I burn with DAO96, please tell me.

This is a very new feature in Nero som my best guess is that it’s a problem in nero and not with the writer.

Most likely it will be fixed in a later Nero release.

Well, maybe, but the same problem existed with Fireburner, exactly the same way.

And why does my HDD led costantly light when I’m burning? It should only flash because my HD has about 26MB/s transfer speed (benchmarked) and 16x burning (which I use for now) uses only 2,4 MB’s of bandwidth in IDE.
My HDD is not badly fragmented or anything so HDD led should not be on constantly while burning a cd.
With my old HP8250i (9100i firmware) did not do that.

When I try to burn cds with dao/96 with Nero with my 40125S ZS0N the drive starts to spin up and down at 99%. Then it says burn failed or burn succesfully completed but the data verification fails. Maybe it’s a bug in Nero as I have succeded to burn 2 discs with dao/96 but failed more times. Lowering the writing speed doesn’t seem to have an impact on the problem and different brands of media give the same error so I suspect it’s a bug in Nero or the firmware.
Version of Nero:
Recorder: Lite-On 40125S ZS0N