LTR-32125S - LTR-48125S possible? how?

been on and he has firmware for all sorts of Liteon drives. Next to my drive it says ‘OC to 48125S/W’. does that mean I can change it to a 48x burner? If so, what firmware do I use and is windows based or is it a dos flash?

hope you can help me, I really want to try this out


do I just download the firmware for the 48125S and try flashing it or is it a bit more complicated. I downloaded the firmware from his page and tried it but it said my drive was up to date and didn’t need it.

My understanding is that you download the ultimate target firmware, apply FLASHFIX and go… A trip to the Liteon section of this forum would be a better starting point though!

Yes, moving this thread to the Liteon forum.