LTR-32123S to 40125S

I saw the custom firmware that’s on this site that O/C a 32123S to a 40125S, and thought that I might as well give it a shot…safe to say i shouldn’t have, because the drive wouldn’t detect in the bios.

(fixed it in the end btw, got the binary firmware, went into dos and just told it to write over it, and for some reason it just did it even though it claimed it cudn’t see the drive…stinking pc)

But anyway, seeming as I’m trying to stretch my dollars (actually, in my case pounds) am I doing something stupidly wrong here, overlooking or what not? Because when I do this flash upgrade, the light just stays on all the time and it wont open the cd when I’m using it.

It’s just annoying because so many other people seemed to have pulled it off just fine in this forum.


Don’t do it. I overclocked my 32123S before, it wasn’t worth it because it wrote at much worse quality while overclocked…No the latest official firmware works best in my opinon, the cut in write time isn’t worth it…

I second his opinion, and would take it one further in saying XS0X firmware produces higher quality burns than XS0Z firmware (the latest for 32123S).