LTR-32123s or LTR-32125W

I have a LTR-32123s it was manufactured in May 2002,
a thread that I read here in the lite-on forums said that the LTR32125W were being made in april does this mean that my LTR32123s is really a LTR32125W?

Is there anyway that I could flash it using the LTR32125W firmware (without damaging it).

My bios says it is a LTR-32123s.

I have already updated the firmware using the update for the LTR- 32123.
I really just don’t want to ruin a new drive by updating the firmware, on the other hand if it is a LTR32125W then I want to use the full benifits of the drive.
any help would be great.

DO NOT flash your drive with firmware for the LTR32125W. Your drive has a different chipset and the updates for your drive currently stop with the latest LTR-32123S firmware. I think it is XS0X. They made Chevy trucks in April and cars in May. Does that mean your car is a truck?… I don’t think they have stopped making that drive yet and they could post further updates in the future to the firmware. :cool: