LTR-32123s lockup 😕

My liteon cannot burn at all. I have browsed through quite a few of the threads, here and else where, and have done the following:

  • Insalled ASPI v4.71
  • Put in the latest firmware (XSOX)
  • Transfer mode: Ultra DMA Mode (was in PIO)
  • Installed the lates IDE controller drivers

The problem is, when I start the burn process it goes upto 3% and just stays there, and the whole thing locks up. Same lock up problem when I try to use “NERO CD SPEED” on the blank media, although on pre-recorded media the speed test goes through. The blank CDs are from IMATION and were rated at either 32X or 40X, I don’t remember exactly.

I did manage to go through the entire burn process at 8X (took about 15 mins for about 490MB of audio), but when I tried to play it, nothing. The CD drive says there is not CD in the drive. Same problem with my audio CD player. Looking underneath the CD, it was clearly burned.

System description:

Burn software: NERO
“AI61 AMD K7 processor based AGP Main Board”, AMD 750 /w 192MB of RAM 20GB hard drive

Not sure if it’s the media because my roommate’s can burn on these same CDs just fine. Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


I have a 481248W with the same problem. It only does it with some media though. When I go to burn a CD, it stays at like 3%, and the drive just sounds like its spinning up and down, and the whole computer locks. You have to reboot to unlock it.

It does it with Memorex, Princo, and a coupel others. But if I use good media like Fuji or TDK, it works fine.

I have Windows XP Pro, ASUS A7V333 board and all the latest VIA drivers.

Did you find out what causes the problem?

That is what they (tech. person?) @ the Cendyne message board told me. I think you need to mail to them and I haven’t done it yet. Sorry couldn’t be of much help.

I assume you use Nero. For the disks that appear to write OK but are blank:

  • insert into drive
  • is it identified only as CD?
  • get CD properties & view volumes tab
  • is the volume in the list, but not being mounted?