LTR-32123S external USB not recognized by some apps


The burner is recognised by XP/nero/winamp, but I cant access it in audio catalyst or CDex - both audio extractors for wav & mp3.
I can only access my virtual drives?

It worked when it was internal, but not since I put it in a USB 2.0 external case.

Any ideas?



sounds like an aspi prob.

search for a guide on removing adaptec’s aspi

From what I know about external drives, They don’t work with ASPI. I’ve completely killed my aspi layer and my 2 externals were still working perfect. Likewise if u select aspi method in kprobe, the external drives don’t come up. I think ur drive needs to support SPTI to see them. If windows media player can see the ext drive, ur in luck. I saw a sweet mod on that allows u to use a lame/fraunhoffer/radium codec with media player. I think its somewhere under articles. All the best.
(barring that u can just try and make sure u have the latest version of ur ripping apps)