LTR-32123S can't extract audio

CDR: LTR-32123S
OS: Windows 2000 (latest SP, upgrades)

When I try to save an audio cd to my harddisk with CD-DA X-Tractor it gives Error: 0x04000. Another extraction program gave an ASPI error.

I can play audio cds.

Is this a problem of the APSI driver? And if so, where can I download a driver to fix this?

Search to find right version for you.

You have a problem for sure. I have the LTR32123S and run Win2k. I have no problems at all extracting audio to the hard disk using EAC. Works like a champ. Have you tried EAC? I usually use the LTD163 for DAE, but the LTR32123 works just as good.