LTR-24103S trouble!

Just got my LTR-24103S and I cant find any software that supports it!

Ive tried Nero, which according to should support the drive, but it dosn’t recognize the drive as a CD-RW…

Ive also tried with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.02d Platinum and it can’t find the drive either! dont even mention this drive, so no help there either…

My OS is XP with all the released hotfixes…

Anyone who got any ideas on what to do??
Please help!

Roxio has no support for it yet and may conflict with nero so that nero dont work.

It should be supported by Nero…and CloneCD(did you try that one?).

Any IDE drivers installed byside those included with the OS(VIA, intel and others.)?

It do work ok as a reader though?

CloneCD dont work either…

Ive got the AGP-IDE 109m drivers installed for my ECS K7S5A Sis735 mobo… Dont know if that could be the problem?

It works perfect as a reader…

I don’t know what causes your problem, but I can say it is supported by Nero and CloneCD so I guess it’s a driver/connection problem. You’ve set all the jumpers right?

I’m no guru in cd-hardware but if one accidentally put two drives as slaves or master… well I don’t know forget I ever said something :slight_smile:


Just solved the problem!

It turned out that the AGP-IDE 109m drivers i installed caused the problem…

Im not sure why - a friend of mine has exactly the same mobo and we tried my LTR-24103S on his system and it worked perfectly with the AGP-IDE 109m drivers installed…

Anyway, thanx for help…:slight_smile:

Originally posted by andersdp
and we tried my LTR-24103S on his system …:slight_smile:
The models are 24102B or 32123S

i was wondering what that 103s was about. or is there some new hdwe revision darkening our doorstep??

oh oh. i just read an earlier post and i see we do have a new model ahead of us. and just as i’m about to order a 24x. joy! hopefully it works as well. time will tell.

Originally posted by FutureProof
The models are 24102B or 32123S

No, all Liteon 24x drives manufactured in/after January 2002 is model 24103S with firmware revision XB03.
Thats how it is. :cool: