I have a LiteOn LTR-24102M. This model is not mentioned on the LiteOn website. Does anyone know what the differance is with the LTR-24102B? Would it be possible (and make sence) to flash to the B version?

Thx, Exar.


The M model was originally made for DELL and sold as OEM in DELL systems.

Shold be possible to flash it to a B model…if you want.

But it will probably woid the warranty.


Yeah, it’s a Dell… well you are right, I shouldn’t waste my warranty… :slight_smile:

But are there any known differences in hardware and/or firmware? Just curious… :wink:


The only difference is probably in the firmware, and the case/tray. You could edit the Lite-ON flash util to flash your drive with the latest firmware while still keeping the “M”. That’s what I did for my TDK drive.