Ltr 24102m and floppy disk probs

i have a lite-on ltr 24102m in my dell dimension 4300 and am running windows xp. my cdrw drive recently stopped working…i insert a blank disc and it will not be recognized and will be ejected after a min or two.
i would update the firmware from dell, but my floppy disk drive doesn’t work either so i cannot use the fix. i insert a formatted disk that works in other computers into mine and the screen simply says “insert disk into drive A:/” no matter what. i searched the forums and didn’t find anything that would help solve this problem. i am afraid that if i get a new cdrw drive that i will still have problems.
i don’t think that i have any viruses on my computer, i use norton internet security and norton antivirus.
i appreciate any help that you can give to me very much!

also, i used another computer to unzip the firmware for the ltr24102m and transferred the files to my computer…is it not possible to use them when they are not on a disk? i have four files called ‘4ds7’, ‘autoexec’, ‘command’ and ‘config’ but when i click on them nothing happens. thanks again.

Did you find a solution to this problem?

I have a Dell 4400, a ltr-24102m, and I’m running XP. I’m able to write to a R cd but it will not recognize a RW cd.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

From what I have read, that burner is just outdated. I bought a new CDRW LITEON|52X32X52X LTR-52327S BK from for $34.00 with free shipping and a free tshirt. It works great and is much faster. I would recommend spending the thirty dollars…I wish I would have in the first place instead of spending countless hours trying to find a solution to the problem. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I’ve spent countless hours too trying to get this thing to work. Looks like I need to upgrade. :frowning: