LTR 24102B Firmware

Greetings! I am looking for some advice with my LTR 24102B and trying to solve an error. I have that CD-RW drive installed in a PowerMac G3, 500MHz, 768 MB RAM, System 8.6. I am using Toast Titanium 5.0.1 to burn my CDs.

I am getting an intermittent error that “The Connection Is Unstable” when burning audio discs. This happens in simulated mode as well as in real life. I have checked the ribbon cable inside the Mac and it is secure. It was suggested to me that I upgrade the firmware on the CD-RW.

Currently, my firmware version is 5S54. I have seen from previous posts on here that there is a 5S5A version. My questions:
• should I upgrade the firmware?
• is it a one-step from 5S54 to 5S5A, or is it incremental?
• is there a firmware flasher for Macs that I can download?
• will changing the firmware version do more harm than good; can I ruin my drive with this?

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

I think the best thing to do would be to hook the drive up in a PC and flash it there, then put it back into the mac…

Ok, I can probably switch the drive out to a PC to do the actual flash, but my real concerns are:

• Should I upgrade the firmware?
• Do I run any risk of damaging my drive if I flash this new version?

Currently using 5S54, thinking about going to 5S5A.


Hmmm, just came across you post and I have a similar one of my own. No one will answer whether they have had success flashing with the latest version of firmware. Don’t know why. I’d like an answer to the question as well. I’m concerned that I may not be able to copy sd2 after flashing. I read a post from someone in another forum that once they flashed there 32x liteon, it couldn’t copy sd2 anymore. That’s my concern. By the way, I’m currently using 5s54 as well.


Thanks for replying. I’m kind of new to the realm of CD burning, etc. What is sd2? Separately, I saw something interesting on Lite-On’s site, on their firmware page. There was a scrolling message saying that once the firmware has been changed, it can’t be changed back again. However, I read in a post somewhere on this site where someone recommended just flashing back the old firmware when the new version gave trouble. Now I think I’m more addled than when I started…


I’m currently using the 5S5A firmware with my LTR 24102B and I’ve had no problems so far (with SD2, etc)

As for flashing, everything you ever needed to know is located in the Sticky by OC Freak at the top of this forum (MTKFLASH and Firmware).

Can’t help the MAC guy though.

Hope that helps…

@gamehunter, I saw the post but I thought that lots of people will be answering it so I didn’t. Anyway, I flashed my LiteOn to 5S5A a while a go now and it can copy SD2 fine - WorldCup 2002.

To the MAC guy, you will always run into the risk of a bad flash - but the percentage would be small. However there is MTKFLASH which could help in bringing back your drive from bad flash.

Yes, never worry about flashing this drive. mtkflash can save you from almost everything except hardware problems. the official windows flashers very rarely cause problems, and if they do, you can complain to Lite-ON because Lite-ON made them.

I know this isn’t my post, but I want to thank everyone for all the replys :slight_smile:

Oh, and cmptch9, sd2 is short for safedisc 2 (a certain copywrite protection)