LTR-24102B Firmware

I’ve been searching the forums, but can’t seem to find any hard evidence of which is the best firmware to use for the popular 24102B that I have just bought.

For the latest firmware, people have been complaining about problems with Audio protected CD’s.

So come on guys & girls, what should the avid Lite-On burner be using in his beloved drive? (and don’t say a CD):stuck_out_tongue:

If it aint broke … don’t fix it !

If you have no problems with the firmware currently being used by your Burner … don’t change it !

If you for one reason or another run into problems, then you might consider changing the firmware.

Latest 1 works fine…The audioprotection issue is with all the firmwares,no different behaviour when I tried them all…

OK, thanks for the info.

The Lite-On firmware section strongly suggests upgrading to the latest; to quote “Just do it!”.

Also read that the newer firmware speeds the drive up and fixes some write/read probs in a review.

So I guess I’ll risk the upgrade…

My experience is that the latest is overall best…this time. :wink: