LTR 24102B does'nt burn!

I’ve a 24x10x40 liteon the only time that this cdrw has burned successfuly was with win 98 but under win me and now with win xp it does not work it will copy ok but when it comes to burn half way through the pictuer on the moniter goes off and i get the blue win window saying that the application was shout down to protect the computer. i’ve wasted 100 cdrs now. i’ve loaded nero 5551but no luck. can anyone help me on this?

Sounds more like a Computer/OS/driver/program problem than a problem related to the Lite-On itself.

Make sure DMA is enabled.
Make sure you have the latest Nero version installed (

Do you have other CD-Writing programs installed?
What IDE drivers are you using?
Updated your XP installation with all the upgrades from windowsupdate?
How is the drive connected? Try it as Primary master, primary slave or secondary master, and not as secondary slave or at other IDE controllers.

thank oc freak
this unit is in line as master with dvd player in slave. the mother board is abit kt7a. IDE drivers i haven’t a clue. i like to know where to get the software.


You may upgrade to the latest version from the nero version that was included with the Lite-On 24X.