LTR-24102B CDRW Problem

I had changed my firmware from 5S54 to 5S5A using liteon firmware update. I had problems burning with newer firmware(whereas I never had problems with 5S54) so I flashed back using mtkflash and 5S54.bin using tutorial on this forum. Problem: now my CDRW will not stay closed with media in the tray, blank or written? What’s up with that? If anyone knows, please help! Thanks.

Maybe try version 5S59 or 5S57. I recommend at least 5S57.

I flashed to 5S59 successfully with mtkflash. I have checked it with nero infotool. After reboot, I can now load a cd in the tray and it will stay, but the drive won’t spin up to read it? Is my drive dead or is there a solution to this problem. Thanks.

More info:

PIII 1 Gig
512 pc133 sdram
Primary master - 80 gig HD
Primary slave - 20 gig HD
Secondary Master - Liteon LTR 24102B DMA is on
Secondary Slave - Liteon LTD 163 DMA is on

it could be, but I doubt it is dead. What would have killed it?

Good News … its not dead! BUT… there are some weird things happening though.

I gathered all 9 firmwares for this drive from 5S04 to the newest 5S5A. I used mtkflash to test these firmwares starting with the oldest 5S04. To my surprise the first test with 5S04 worked! The drive stayed closed and spun up the disc. I tested it with read and write tests and it was fine.

But… to tempt fate, I thought I would try newer firmwares (for Liteon’s “improved playabity” theory). Each and every newer firmware resulted in conditions similar to my problems described above. Some firmwares would not allow the tray to stay closed with media and others would not spin up the disc for reading. So now I am back to the oldest firmware 5S04 and the drive is working again!

Talk about gremlins in the machine!

Does anyone have a theory as to why the newer firmwares are not working?

Did some searching … may be the 5S5A firmware that has caused the problem.

But if so, why wouldn’t mtkflash with older firmwares TOTALLY erase the negative effects of this “apparently” bad firmware?

I’m confused!

O well … while I am trying to figure out this dilemna, I have my new LTR-48246S on order (with a plan to flash it to 52X of course). Only $90 here in good old Canada. (That’s about $56 US$)

ahh after hours of looking through forums I finally find someone with the exact same problem.

I think i killed my drive using RPCED to try and disable region protection on my liteon dvd 165h (i got confused…) and so I also tried all firmwares…not 5S04 though i don’t think - i’d better try and find it !

will report back to see if it works, otherwise i was gonna try reflashing in another PC (even though in mine says it flashed OK with MTKFLASH, on secondary slave)


Discovered after a bit of research on this forum that I needed to re-flash with version 5S04 of the firmware, (which i extracted with litefirm from the liteon EXE, and then flashed in DOS with MTKFLASH). it now works again, thankfully!

No idea why it needed this old version to work and newer ones refused - any thoughts?