LTR-24102B: CD-RW Disapears



Hi All,
i recently received my LTR-24102B cd burner, and its working great. my problem is that while using windows XP, windows does not detect the drive automatically, and i always go the the device manager to "scan for new hardware". once i did that, the drive is detected and works like charm.
but why does windows forgets after each reboot about the drive??

Please advice,


Because windows sucks.

There is a load of such problems in Windows XP and I’m hoping that they are fixed in Servicepack 1 which should be released in august.

How is the drive connected btw?
And you have all the upgrades from windowsupdate?


the primary master is a HD with a cd-rom.
the cdrw is connected as a secondary master with a dvd drive.

my windows version is up to date, yes.


did u do a CLEAN install of windows xp?

i highly recommend everyone that uses windows 95/98/me/2000/xp etc… does this :slight_smile:

it will give u less problems and will run overall better/faster etc… :slight_smile:

trust me i know :slight_smile: i can help u do it if u have a windows xp cd and a windows 98/me startup disk :slight_smile:

p.s. u will need to make sure your hard drive is still in fat32 format and not ntfs before you do this because once u boot up your pc with that windows startup disk it will not be able to see tha ntfs partitions.

contact me if u wish to try this :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, but i’m not a rookie to the pc. i did a clean format and installation of windows XP, with a bootable xp cd.
the first thing i did is to check if the cd-rw is autodetected and it was not!

i still have to go after each boot to scan for new hardware!!

still seeking an answer!