LTR-16101B 90-99mins CDR Problems

It is indicated in their website that my LTR-16101B can overburn up to 99 minutes cds.

But my CDRW drive just eject the cd stating that the disc does not have enough space and could only write 703mb even though I insert 99mins cds and I intended to burn only 760mb. I used Nero CD Speed to see how much data I can write on the 99mins cd. The test indicated that 90mins of data can be written to the disc.

Thinking that the Nero I have installed is old now (5.5.8.x), I installed the latest version ( only to find the same problem.

Why can’t I burn more than 703mb? (I use DAO to overburn) And why did Nero CD Speed detected only 90mins in the 99-min cd? I’m running WinXP Pro. The firmware of my LTR-16101B is TSOW.

I never had any similar problem with my former 4x4x32 Mitsumi CDRW.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It doesnt matter what cdwriter you have, all 90/99min cds will be seen as 703meg cds, the only way to burn the 99min onto the cd is by enabling Overburn in nero by going to FILE then selecting PREFRENCES, then selecting |EXPERT FEATURES| tab and selecting enable overburn. Set the max overburn to 99mins and then select OK.
You must burn your disc in DISC AT ONCE mode if you want to get overburn working properly. Once its you select write it will ask you do you want to enable the overburn select yes.
There are downsides to burning discs over 80minutes one is that most cd players wont be able to play the discs back or will stop at the 82 minute mark.

What are you trying to burn? if its movie, then perhaps you might want to try burning without error-correction information(burn at “Mode2”) using Mode2 CD Maker. THis allows 800mb burns for 80min cds, and nearly 1gig for 99min cd’s…

Thats a very bad idea to burn without error correction because if the disc gets a scrape / scratch then theres quite a good chance the files will become unreadable.

But if it’s a movie and not data then you don’t need the error correction. Data must be spot on or it won’t work, that’s why it needs error correction.