LTR-12101B LS3J cant see blank media

This drive used to be a Creative RW1210E and after a clean install of XP_SP2 it started not seeing some media. It sees all original software CDs and some burnt cd-r, After a lot of reading i decided to flash it with the Lite on FW since it was supposed to be more current. After updating the FW it still had the same problem.

What i have found sofar is my burnt verbatim datalife plus 80 min cd-r read and test fine, but my tdk certified plus 80 min and my compusa 4x 74 min cd-rw wont read. With either of the later i get drive not ready, no media or incompatible media errors.

Since i have such a large supply of these cd-r/rw on hand I’m hoping someone can help me with different FW or a patch or something.

I’m attaching the output of the nero info tool maybe this could help

Thanks for any help i can get