Ltr 12101b doesnt work after flash

hi all, I flashed my rebagged ltr 12101b with the latest firmware and while everything seemed fine, everything says it is still a ltr-12101b but when I try to burn with nero everything freezes at 7 or 3 % although the timer keeps going. I have waited an hour just to make sure. I tried reflashing with pflash and all I get is an error in dos. I used a startup disk to boot into dos. please help, although the cd-rom works fine I cannot burn!!! p.s. I have tried 4 different brands of media and different speeds. thanx for any insight:confused::Z

tried the drive in another computer?

Just to isolate the problem to drive or computer…

you could always use nero cdspeed to see if your drive is ok cos it checks read & write modes.

Hopefully this thread would help you somehow

here is an update; thanx for the link, I tried numerous times to do it but no luck . Kept getting that pesky atapi soft reset thing, and believe me I tried every jumper setting, tried on different comp. and always the same thing. Anyway, I decided to uninstall nero (the latest version) after I had reinstalled it a few times, and tried different cd burn apps. They all seemed to work!?!?. Even media I was unable to use before works! I get the impression that maybe nero may be somewhat responsible for the reputation of liteon burners being picky about media? I did really like nero though but it seems it did not like the new flash version, oh well. Thanx again for the help and I would really like to hear of perhaps another opinion on the whole inability to flash thing. :wink:

Hi, I haven´t found any info about how much i can overclock my lite on cd writer ltr12101b, or if can´t be done.:confused:

If can be done, could you point me where I can find info about it.

Thanks in advance

Man, I really hate to say this but…unfortunately the drive cannot be OC’ed
and the reason for that is very simple = it has the Sanyo chipset.
The info is here

We have one thing in common though - I owned this drive, too.

I’m having the same problem with my Liteon. When burning a CD with Nero, it always freezes at 4% - 5%.

I removed Nero and reinstalled Nero and now it’s working fine. If I upgrade Nero to any version greather than, it freezes again at 4-5%.

Incompatibility problem perhaps.

i used that drive before i went to the 48x liteon and i got a hanging in nero when trying to write the lead-out.
This problem was never resolved and i used the LS3J firmware

it may help you get past 3% or 7% but you may experience the lead-out hang like i did. (to eject the cd you sometime have to reset and suprisingly the disk is still in working condition, must have written the lead-out before it hangs)