LTR-0841-->LTR-12101B? did anyone try it

can´t believe that´s it´s really possible to upgrade the LTR-0841 to an LTR-12101B.
The LTR12101B has already the BurnProof feature.
So if u upgrade an LTR-0841 to the LTR12101B u will have SmartBurn, too? I mean… - that would be really cool… but does it work?
Did anyone try…


Many have done the upgrade with success.

So it should work.

SMART-BURN is only for LTR-16102B and newer writers…at least it was first introduced when the LTR-16102B arrived


thanks for the information. Just found another site that confirmed that the LTR-0841 does support BurnProof since firmware version 8E12 (LTR-12101B).

I´ll try it.


I did it peace of cake;)
u can get the flash utility and firmware here