LTR-0841 is 12x the best I can do?

i did a serach on LTR-0841 and didnt come up with alot of options so i will ask u pros.
i got a liteon LTR-0841 8x and flashed it to the 12x speed. works great i like it…but is this the best it will do? has any1 tried to get it to work any faster? and is there any risk when make it go faster? im sure 12x is no big deal but what about 16x and faster? will it work and can it handle it? thx.


From 8 to 12x that’s the best you can get.

There is a FAQ…

thx… Mr Mod… but im alittle new so forgive me, if u feel u must u can beat me with the noob stick.

I looked at your FAQ at the top and no help… can u tell me how the FAQ will help get the answer im looking for?