LTR 0841 bad flash :( help needed



Hi, I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade FW of my LiteON LTR 0841with pflash (in a dos box under win98) and FW LS38.bin (LTR 12101B drive) retrieved on alexnoe’s site and now the drive is dead. My machine has a Soyo 6VBA133 MB with Celeron 300A and 128Mb ram. I got the original FW MS8E.bin and tried to recover under a real Dos mode booting from floppy and using the jumper trick (the two lowest pin right the power plug shorted: isn’it?) . No history : the response from pflash sounds like " trying to recover the drive by soft reset" 4 o 5 times and then “ATAPI command unsuccessful”. Some hope left ? in this case could some guru explain me the detailed steps to recover? Thanks in advance.