LtnFW Won't Flash My Drive!

Hi, I am trying to update the firmware of my Sony DW-Q58A drive (rebadged LiteOn SOSW-8?3S) from UYS2 to UYS3. I have the .bin file, and am using LtnFW.

When trying to update, it gets as far as 100%, but still says Programming… Please Wait. I have left it overnight, but it does not finish. My computer is still responding.

After exiting, it still says UYS2 is the current firmware, and when I compare the current firmware with the .bin file of UYS3 it finds a difference. Therefore the firmware has not been updated.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to make LtnFW work? Or is there another application I could try? Also, is it not possible to make an .exe file to update the firmware? I used one of these to update UYS1 to UYS2 before, and that worked fine.


LtnFW don’t seem to be compatble with latest generation off LiteOn burner’s.

Is there another program I can use?