LtnFW.exe and Ltnfirm.exe won't show their GUI

Hey there, I am having a problem;

Neither LtnFW.exe or litefirm.exe apps will execute when I click them. aren’t they both supposed to have GUIs? I see them both in my processes list but nothing happens. I tried to drag-n-drop the .bin firmware file onto the app icons and that didnt do anything either. I’m running WinXP SP2. Hopefully someone will see this post on this dead thread and reply. Thanks!

maybe your antivirus/antispyware software prevents the execution? try deactivating them, you can go offline for the time they’re inactive, to be sure it won’t harm your computer.

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I’ve heard this mentioned before but I can’t recollect where. Make sure you don’t have NVidia IDE drivers and ASPI drivers running together. Also disable InCD or DirectCD (packet writing software) if you are using it. Also try safe mode and see if that works.